january so far | 2018 in pictures

So far, january has been kind. Although the new year requiered a new adpatation – and I’m not the best at that – the second half of the month has been quite slow and sweet.

I’ve had some time off from work, and the weather’s been quite nice, so I’ve been going to the beach, having coffee and brunch with old friends, and redescovering the beauty of my city. It’s ridiculous how much I still have to discover about my own city.

But yeah, so far, all good.

I’m off to Paris tomorrow to surprise my mom for her birthday, so I’ll end up spending a couple days on the french countryside, so the stilness and ease are here to stay. I’m quite fond of that little village.

Overall, january has been kind. And it seems like it will continue to be, so I wanted to bring this peace and tranquility that january brought me to my first blog post here.

So, here it is.

january27267449_10215020882619315_2066713347_oVandals in love.

27268063_10215020878659216_464936025_oBest view in town.

27330124_10215020854498612_1253145533_oLittle things.

27330347_10215020855258631_381457079_oCozy classics.


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