bittersweet february | 2018 in pictures

Oh dear february…

The second month of the year brought sweet encounters and a few tears. I have the feeling I’ve spent a big part of the month hiding my hands in my sleeves and covering my face with my sweater. There was this constant lack of coziness and I just couldn’t grab it. So I hid. I avoided. I was late. And I failed to share the peace and tranquility that january gave me with february.

Although I won’t remember the past month for it’s delicacy on my heart, I do have remember that it highlighted a few people in my life that maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention to before, and through the thunder came in a small breeze, that at I first I barely felt, but now seems to lodging itself in my thoughts, and it will forever change march.

It’s not much trouble, to be honest, it’s quite sweet, refreshing and it doesn’t feel too heavy to care for. I can only be thankful, for it is nice to have a glimpse of slow affection in the middle of a hurricane.

But february has passed now, and march promises change, all that’s left to do is to brace myself to embrace it.

28946107_10215407702729576_1941819535_oThere’s always a beautiful place to discover.

28928249_10215407702809578_125324802_oMrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself

28928513_10215407702929581_1540115832_oFun socks to lift the spirits.

28927823_10215407702569572_120907430_oSweet talks.

28944410_10215407702889580_815209984_oBoy, how I understand.

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