June, just June | 2018 in pictures

June, the last full month before my quarter of life crisis.

I can barely recall June, nothing really happened this month and that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean it’s a good thing either… Besides having breakfast and lunch at the same spot several times a week, life has been pretty uneventfull. To be fair to June, the month was filled with good conversations, it seems that when life doesn’t give you lemons, you talk about making lemonade. From sunday afternoons at the beach to week mornings at the same old cafe, passing by late nights at cool new places, June was chatty.

I don’t normally mind the slow pace and similar days, it might be that my life crisis is approaching, but the fact that I can’t single out an even from the past month stings a little.

I wish life was a bit more that a quick succession of busy nothings. But then again, if it was, I would probably still be here, writing about being unsatisfied, as I often do.

Summer is also struggling to arrive, every other day it rains and the sun only comes out quite shyly. And I like winter, just not in summer.

June was also poor when it comes to pictures, so I don’t have that many photos to share here. May July bring sunnier days and more inspiration.


36324364_10216277335149843_2629671272610529280_nmornings outside


36331883_10216277245947613_7267082873830637568_ncoffee love

35476813_10216184341425058_2069621779323682816_nnew books


36458643_10216277244667581_814697275337998336_nblue(ish) skies


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