everlasting august | 2018 in pictures

August went, and went, and went. It dragged it self for so long, we managed to fit all four seasons in it. August lasted for so long, that it is still august as I begin to write this post. That’s right, the month hasn’t ended, but I’m done with it already. I’m calling it a day with august, I can’t take it any longer.

With autumn comes change and I need a little bit of that.

Now, to be fair to august, it wasn’t terrible. I was hoping to get an escape, and I got a visit from some old ghosts instead.

Remember last month, when I said August brings Paris in his sleeve, and that can only be sweet. – Well, that’s not untrue. Although Paris was sweet, I was bitter.

The worst part wasn’t that I didn’t knew how to handle myself for a little bit there, the worst part was not remembering how I overcame these unpretty feelings the last time.

August stung even on the very last day. I can only hope September brings a little bit more peace.

40838690_464005284110749_2063281050385121280_nSweet vandals, an all time favourite.40854072_247785772545459_7845460379843952640_nEveryday sights.40863341_1098592490310753_1953436570300186624_nWriting on receipts.40893088_285546632272164_6632352862863097856_nLate nights.40978488_2185192511803466_7277186376372584448_nReflections, a classic.40994701_530634564033831_7668675712009633792_nEasy mornings.41068532_525372881209529_2852349280910311424_nLost pages.41105481_529749534129437_5876778105867075584_nParis, mon amour.

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