Septemberish | 2018 in pictures

If august lasted forever, September went by in a blink. And it’s a good thing it did. I couldn’t bare it if it was longer.

September has always been kind. At least from my previous experiences. It is not much of a month actually, it has always been a feeling. A fresh start. Renewed energies.

Well, 2018 tried really hard to prove me wrong.

At first, with the never ending summer. I couldn’t bare any more days of heath, my autumn mode is full on and the weather just doesn’t seem to keep up. The leaves have started to fall, but the sun refuses to do so, and it keeps shining down on us like it’s trying to teach us a lesson. Maybe it is.

Then, the mood.

I don’t know if it is the long lasting heath that’s throwing me off my game, but september was hard to get by. But like all bad and good things, it ended. Hopefully I’ll manage to drown my sorrows in the rains to come.

So there’s that. Hopefully October brings the cold out. Can’t get over this lack of coziness.

43035974_175664436688459_3963501013087813632_n1. Afternoon delights.43016054_708351272851651_2951996039755726848_n2. Sweet mornings.43042935_273168136861011_3111236182797713408_n3. Walks with friends.43013715_310637193053289_794402429582966784_n4. Up there.43042919_538678566571756_6464708121657868288_n5. Bad drinks, good talks.43156477_517535418719341_3213079731515686912_n6. Autumn wishes.

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