Flowers in the winter | ramblings


From little bulbs they’ll sprout, daring to bloom in the winter. If flowers can blossom in the cold and be as beautiful as they are, how can you ever believe opening up your heart is an ugly thing to do?

I’ve always been one to think that flowers that blossom in winter are the best type of flowers. As fragile as they seem to be, to open up in the cold dimming light of winter, is a defying act. They dare to be beautiful even when the rain pours heavily, threatening to harm them. I’m not one to know much about gardening or flowers in general to be quite honest, but I know beauty and I tend to collect beautiful concepts.

Some people are just like flowers in the winter. They’ll open up during dark times and bring beauty to your gray days. It is in the unflattering cold tones of winter that we can truly see – the sun can’t blind us like in the summertime. To be able to show beauty in a hostile environment is quite a virtue. Not many can do it, in fact, very rarely will someone do so.

As someone with a tendency to shut down when the environment isn’t familiar, I must say I appreciate the effort someone will put in opening their hearts when life seems to be a winter day. To show kindness and delicacy to someone who isn’t being deserving of it is an act of rebellion in a society that encourages obnoxious behavior.

I don’t know many people who have mastered this art. I try to follow the examples of those that I know who practice this. But there are times when I get it all wrong. My attempt at being understanding will often come of as a lack on interest all together, and I do seem to chose the worst moments to open up my heart. And I don’t ever want to be seen as something ugly.

It is important to keep trying and to keep praising those who dare to be the beauty in cold winter days. Their work is well cut out for them.

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