sweet october| 2018 in pictures

So… is it Christmas yet?

October went by too quickly. It didn’t really seemed like it was going by too fast but when I noticed it was almost gone. That is nice. I like November. I like the cold, the short days, the warm coats and the scarfs that look like blankets. It’s my season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. November has that wonderful almost Christmas flavour.

I get, I get it. It’s too soon for that. But a girl can hope. I tend to like November, I don’t think this one will be an exception, the big part of why I like this particular month is because it the one that leads up to Christmas. And I really freaking love Christmas. So bare with me, while I wait for it to be socially acceptable to put the decorations on.

But now, about October. I can’t recall anything particularly different about the past month, other than the fact that summer days made a huge comeback. It couldn’t be autumn soon enough. In retrospective, October was really good actually. I had pancakes with one of my favourite humans, breakfast with another; met family for lunch for more than one occasion; had friends over for dinner; hosted a games night; the fun socks made a comeback and I wrote a ton in here.

The only thing that really stings about October was the fact that I bought a book I ended up hating. I also got a bit disappointed at how relived I was that half of the staff at work left. That was a first for sure. Either way, October is settled. And although it was good, it’s nice that it’s gone.

45359113_1886875511431504_8547260041760079872_n1. First summer…45302268_347893005984507_4681879446334996480_n2. … then autumn.45339969_1041862929318693_6665295884793675776_n3. Flowers at the dinner table.45257873_1480376328731940_8532975083612798976_n4. Mornings rituals at home.45341443_326206964848934_2505582108286648320_n5. Cute socks.45361647_2534729816544909_5396875262124097536_n6. Mornings rituals not at home.45266166_344923762906546_7242330418958041088_n7. Pancakes and talks.

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