Cold November | 2018 in pictures

I’ve submerged my self in the december christmas madness in such a way that I’m completely oblivious when it comes to November. I spent some time with friends, strolled around the city, had some time off work and made plans for december. Although I struggled a bit to exist some days, the majority was alright and some were exceptionally good. Guess that’s all for November.

47577812_597784617339829_7287457777776066560_n1. Touring my own city.47316984_352389321988659_9099544311485169664_n2. Warm drinks and christmas lights.47396672_966694030195088_3072434743871012864_n3. Cold days brunch.47571905_2080145648673371_2892821505064828928_n4. Last autumn leaves.47326392_1956155837815992_2894665609402908672_n5. Coffee and planning.47307625_2129277297333996_1091527992242339840_n6. Beachy days.

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