Teasure hunt | Christmas stories


There was this street on a city close to mine where people would go all out on the Christmas lights. So, when I was little, on the month of December we would go out after sunset to go see the lite up houses. There was always a ton of people taking pictures and it was hard to park, but it was one of my absolute favourite things.

My parents and I developed this unspoken tradition on Christmas Eve afternoon, no matter where we are, we’ll bake during the afternoon, drink a glass of port while everything is the oven and lazy out as much as we can. Some year we’ll stay home, others we’ll go to spend it with family, but we always do the little ritual.

A few years ago, while I was living in France, it was the middle of the afternoon and we just had finished backing, we were talking about the Christmas decorations and how very few people decorate their houses in the neighborhood. I asked if there was any place that they of, that would go all out, like the one we used to visit when I was little. My dad said that he had passed by a few houses that a very creative decor, but it wasn’t really close to my normal route to work, hence why I wouldn’t have seen them yet.

So, he drove me to see them. It was a short ride, no one was wondering the streets, we photographed the decorations and talked for a bit, after we drove back home again. It was a simple thing, but it’s one of the sweetest memories I share with my dad. Just that little ride on a Christmas Eve afternoon. I don’t remember what I got for Christmas that year or what we baked that afternoon, but I do remember that ride very well. It was a sweet gift.

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