blackout | february

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Was wondering if I could steal you for a little bit. It won’t be long, I promise. If I fail to keep my promise you can stay a bit longer to complain. I won’t mind the company.

They said memory will break into fragments before it fades away, while I have you here, we can try to glue the pieces together. I understand our work is ill-fated, we are domed from the beginning, nevertheless I’d like the chance to fight. We can’t win but we can bruise. I’d like to leave a mark, so that when fate arrives we can face it with our heads held high. I’d like to avenge the memory of you.

You run your fingers trough my hair as if there was nothing but love in you, yet I know you’re struggling. You would adore me to the bones if only you could put together the letters that form my name. It is all right, I know you misplaced it somewhere, don’t worry. Sooner than I’d like, you’ll mislay your affection too. Torment can find me then.

They said it will get worse and never better. You’ll catch some beams of light every now and then, but time will bring you complete darkness. I wonder how many sunsets you still have. Are your days still sunny at all? Or are you living in a foggy winter? Are the flashes you see occasionally sun beams? Or is it just happenstance? I’m curious because that’s all I have left to be.

Life is slipping away from you and you can’t remember to grab it. Let me steal you for a little bit, I’ll reverse the clock, we can go back to summertime. Share your burden with me, I’ll help you find the letters to all the names you no longer remember. Whenever I fail to live up to my task, stay a bit longer to complain. I won’t mind the company.


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