My name is Mariana. I was born in the early 90’s in a small town in the whereabouts of the beautiful Porto. For those of you who don’t know, that is in Portugal.

My mum is a strong, independent yet sweet lady who enjoys cheesy romances and soap operas. My father is a family inclined man who had to spend a big part of his life away from his loved ones, so he writes a lot.

Life was not always kind to them, but they never failed me.

And that makes me


We would spend summer at the beach and went shopping downtown during the winter.

I always aspired independence. Financial and emotional. I have succeeded at the one I shouldn’t have.

I should have pursued my studies, but I didn’t, instead I went abroad and started working. Paris was always kind to me, and that only fed my dreams.

I should read more than I do, I should write more than I can bring myself to, but I certainly do photograph more than I should.

I cannot bring myself to trust anyone other than myself, and even I am to unstable to be trusted.

The goal has always been to go through life as unnoticed as possible. Please don’t look too much, you might start seeing me and I hate to disappoint.

I love things to avoid falling for people. I romanticize utopias and run from affection.

I should have know better by 25. Or perhaps not. What do I know?..