Septemberish | 2018 in pictures

If august lasted forever, September went by in a blink. And it’s a good thing it did. I couldn’t bare it if it was longer.

September has always been kind. At least from my previous experiences. It is not much of a month actually, it has always been a feeling. A fresh start. Renewed energies.

Well, 2018 tried really hard to prove me wrong.

At first, with the never ending summer. I couldn’t bare any more days of heath, my autumn mode is full on and the weather just doesn’t seem to keep up. The leaves have started to fall, but the sun refuses to do so, and it keeps shining down on us like it’s trying to teach us a lesson. Maybe it is.

Then, the mood.

I don’t know if it is the long lasting heath that’s throwing me off my game, but september was hard to get by. But like all bad and good things, it ended. Hopefully I’ll manage to drown my sorrows in the rains to come.

So there’s that. Hopefully October brings the cold out. Can’t get over this lack of coziness.

43035974_175664436688459_3963501013087813632_n1. Afternoon delights.43016054_708351272851651_2951996039755726848_n2. Sweet mornings.43042935_273168136861011_3111236182797713408_n3. Walks with friends.43013715_310637193053289_794402429582966784_n4. Up there.43042919_538678566571756_6464708121657868288_n5. Bad drinks, good talks.43156477_517535418719341_3213079731515686912_n6. Autumn wishes.

everlasting august | 2018 in pictures

August went, and went, and went. It dragged it self for so long, we managed to fit all four seasons in it. August lasted for so long, that it is still august as I begin to write this post. That’s right, the month hasn’t ended, but I’m done with it already. I’m calling it a day with august, I can’t take it any longer.

With autumn comes change and I need a little bit of that.

Now, to be fair to august, it wasn’t terrible. I was hoping to get an escape, and I got a visit from some old ghosts instead.

Remember last month, when I said August brings Paris in his sleeve, and that can only be sweet. – Well, that’s not untrue. Although Paris was sweet, I was bitter.

The worst part wasn’t that I didn’t knew how to handle myself for a little bit there, the worst part was not remembering how I overcame these unpretty feelings the last time.

August stung even on the very last day. I can only hope September brings a little bit more peace.

40838690_464005284110749_2063281050385121280_nSweet vandals, an all time favourite.40854072_247785772545459_7845460379843952640_nEveryday sights.40863341_1098592490310753_1953436570300186624_nWriting on receipts.40893088_285546632272164_6632352862863097856_nLate nights.40978488_2185192511803466_7277186376372584448_nReflections, a classic.40994701_530634564033831_7668675712009633792_nEasy mornings.41068532_525372881209529_2852349280910311424_nLost pages.41105481_529749534129437_5876778105867075584_nParis, mon amour.

bittersweet july | 2018 in pictures

I’m 25.

It’s not difficult to be 25. It’s not quite exciting either, but I don’t feel on the verge of a collapse and that can only be positive. I’m still fine, I’m still myself. And I am the girl I always wanted to be at 25. Ten years ago, when I though about cool girls in their twenties, I would have pictured someone in quite similar circumstances to mine, and I would dare to hope someday that would be me. Looking back, I must admit, it was quite more glamorous to dream about it than it is to become it.

I’m not unhappy though.

July didn’t felt like a crisis at all. It went by smoothly and it was a little bit more nostalgic than what I would have liked it to be, but it was expected, I guess.

With that being said, August brings Paris in his sleeve, and that can only be sweet.

38872939_481065248970559_5340761965373423616_nAn all time favourite: flowers at home.

38819611_679345979080502_3505932682183835648_nSlow mornings.

38872780_215687265767814_9185175015790739456_nLittle things.

imageBirthday pancakes with the best.

38804494_2232078490347098_179082677201141760_nSoaking up the sun.

38769175_294399824651256_5211684789240725504_nSunday strolls. 

38768508_2248532675174794_4759286319060877312_nMorning reads and coffee.



June, just June | 2018 in pictures

June, the last full month before my quarter of life crisis.

I can barely recall June, nothing really happened this month and that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean it’s a good thing either… Besides having breakfast and lunch at the same spot several times a week, life has been pretty uneventfull. To be fair to June, the month was filled with good conversations, it seems that when life doesn’t give you lemons, you talk about making lemonade. From sunday afternoons at the beach to week mornings at the same old cafe, passing by late nights at cool new places, June was chatty.

I don’t normally mind the slow pace and similar days, it might be that my life crisis is approaching, but the fact that I can’t single out an even from the past month stings a little.

I wish life was a bit more that a quick succession of busy nothings. But then again, if it was, I would probably still be here, writing about being unsatisfied, as I often do.

Summer is also struggling to arrive, every other day it rains and the sun only comes out quite shyly. And I like winter, just not in summer.

June was also poor when it comes to pictures, so I don’t have that many photos to share here. May July bring sunnier days and more inspiration.


36324364_10216277335149843_2629671272610529280_nmornings outside


36331883_10216277245947613_7267082873830637568_ncoffee love

35476813_10216184341425058_2069621779323682816_nnew books


36458643_10216277244667581_814697275337998336_nblue(ish) skies


May uncertain | 2018 in pictures

With may came the uncertainty. Just as I though I could take a breathe, here comes the undeniable true that I can never escape: I don’t know what I want. From life, from people, from myself. I can’t help to think that my one true nature is to sabotage myself whenever things finally start to go my way. There was no flaw, no tremble and a wide a enough safety net bellow my feet, and I was happy with my circumstances. (or was I?)

Like it always happens, a small bump turned the game for me. And I still can’t decide if it is something I could look over or if it is completely clouding my vision, I can’t tell if it is big enough to call it quits or if I’m the one creating the tempest. Of one thing I’m sure, if it makes me uncertain, then I can’t pursue it.

I’ve always been one to think that you shouldn’t take any steps further if you’re not sure that’s what you want to do. Whether you end up falling or floating is secondary, the most important thing is to want to take that step further, and you’re ready for whatever comes next. And if you’re not certain you want it, you’re not ready to do it.

I’ve been certain of many things in my life, and certainty comes to me in a blink, when I know what I want there’s no going back. However, whenever I’m hesitant I never end up happy with my decision. I refrain myself from many things because of this. If I can’t decide on whether or not I’d be happy with the outcome, I abstain from it completely.

Hence why May was difficult to me. I found myself questioning, so instead of struggling to find and answer, I eliminated the question.

But, aside from all of that, May was fun. Lisbon was sweet, I finished Mrs. Dalloway (finally) and enjoyed the little bit of sun we had. Life ain’t bad at all.

34371620_10216081758540550_2367933160978644992_nRooftops.34317568_10216081758340545_6837693651557023744_nMorning reads.34198335_10216081757180516_1289880778951360512_nSweet vandals.34459633_10216081758420547_6586928167754137600_nFriends.34258906_10216081758740555_9161560714366681088_nLisbon showing off.


april rains | 2018 in pictures

April was filled with lazy mornings and serenity, I don’t know how else to describe the past month, mostly because, it was gone in a blink.

Aside from moving – of course, April was the sunday morning of the year so far. Slow mornings, soft songs and mild feelings, never fail to please me.

Lazy sunny mornings have always been a favorite of mine. There’s something magical about the sun peaking through the windows, a fresh cup of coffee and a comfy fluffy blanket. This combo never fails to put me in a good mood.

This past month, I tried to squeeze in as many late lazy mornings as I possibly could, and I’m pretty certain that’s how I managed to keep my sanity in these difficult times of change.

A slow start, no matter how hectic the day gets always helps.

I also read Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire and continued to fail at finishing Mrs Dalloway. I’m failing Virginia Wolf so badly, however, I can never pick up the book for more than 20 minutes. Maybe it’s the long descriptions, maybe it’s the amount of storylines, I can’t seem to focus for too long.

I’ll keep trying in May.

32579355_10215958721624704_2135024149737766912_nSun beams.32637177_10215958721064690_4141409983101140992_nFavourite new spot32722999_10215958721184693_4430778873478643712_nmore Mornings

march(ing in) romance | 2018 in pictures

Dear March, you were too kind. Thank you.

The past month was marked by some good books. I’ve fallen in love with poetry books and Orion’s Flux and Rupi’s The Sun and her flowers became huge inspirations. I started writing again, just for the sake of it. I’d forgotten how much I love writing, and how good it makes me feel. It’s always nice to find inspiration, and I ended up obsessed with the feeling these books give me, so I order a couple more of the same genre.

A lot changed in march. Work, home and even myself. Although it’s been difficult, changes often enlighten the constants in life, and I was pretty pleased to find what who mine were.

March was (well) spent in a sea of romance, and although I understand I’m a perpetual victim of my romanticization of ordinary things, I can’t help to let it taint my view and start seeing la vie en rose. Slowly, uncertainly, and with the laziness of a sunny sunday morning, we’ve been falling, with no strings attached and limbs sweetly tangled.

April, feel welcome.

30232436_10215711601926866_1583966148_oEveryday corners.

30232839_10215711602406878_2019833611_oSweets and friends.

30549804_10215711602166872_388056805_oReturning home.

30550724_10215711601966867_426582582_oTeam building.

30767982_10215711602366877_1405142416_oSundays to remember.