flux by orion carloto| march reads


I read Flux by Orion Carloto in a glimpse and it left me craving more. I was upset when it ended, I related too much with Orion’s heartbreak.

I first stumble upon Orion through Youtube, one of her online platforms, and I remember that I adored the complex simplicity of her videos. One of the first I watched was called ‘Dirty Pretty Things‘, a video inspired by a book of the same name written by Michael Faudet – the book remains in my wishlist and the video remains one of my favourites. I was excited that she was coming out with a book, and I had to buy as soon as I found out.

I first grabbed the book on a sunday morning, after having woken up in a good mood before the alarm clock rang, and while I took a sip of my morning coffee I read the first pages (as it is advised by the author).

The book is an easy read, although Orion’s vocabulary is quite different from Rupi’s, the poems are still endearing and they grab your attention easily. Simple words with strong meanings.

Your unsuitable lover‘ was the one of my absolute favourites along with many others.

I took it to work with me that day, finished it that morning and in ended up lending it to a college who scrolled through the pages and fell in love with it.

I kinda miss it though, I wish I could revisit the words while I’m still hangover from them. But, sharing good books should never be a regret, and I am glad that someone else can enjoy Orion’s words as much as I can.







the sun and her flowers | march reads

the sun and her flowers

Rupi Kaur was the first instapoet I found out about, and still remains one of my favourites. There’s something so mesmerizing about how she spits her heart out in a raw yet sweet manner. Her words are simple, yet felt, she is not trying to wow the reader, there are no flowers in her words, yet delicacy and emotion bleed through her work. Rupi Kaur’s poems are silk without the softness and I couldn’t be more honored to read them.

I first read milk and honey slightly over a year ago and I remember liking it from the first page, it was the first book I finished in a glimpse in a while. I took it with me to work, read it on the train, on the bus, during the lunch break and it ended to soon. It is important to mention that it ended on a good note. Although some pages feel like a punch, the book was kind enough to leave me without any hard feelings.

I had found out about the author through instagram, and it was instagram that let me know that a second book was coming. It was an obvious purchase, I had to buy it, for my sake. And here we are again, on the verge of finishing a book that went by too quickly.

Since I’m already missing it, I though I’d share a few pictures of my favourite pages.